Learning how to successfully capture a high profile concert/event

The following are a series of screenshots showing photographs I captured on various Def Jam social media accounts. The social media accounts sharing my work include Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Def Jam artists, executives, and others would often repost my work too. For events of high importance like the 35th Anniversary celebration, a shot list would be provided. This shot list highlighted the various visuals needed before the completion of the event. Most of the time however, I was told where to be and when to be there and just did my thing. If it was a show I would make sure to get behind the scenes photos of the artist in their dressing room. Photos like these are hard to come which makes them highly desired. I would of course make sure to capture various angles of the artist performance. Including everything from close up’s to wide shots. Throughout my time capturing events and concerts for Def Jam I learned the importance of being organized and prepared for the task at hand. Through mental preparation and visualizing what I would need to do to get the job done, I was more effective. All this proves I successfully achieved learning how to capture a high profile event for the label. 


Above is a real time Instagram post. I transferred, edited and forwarded this image over to our social media manager mid-event. 


Above is a Twitter post showcasing photos I captured while covering a concert for the label. 


Above is a repost of my photo by Dave East. It is one of the most liked posts on his entire Instagram page.  

IMG_6315 2.PNG

Above is a photo I captured weeks before the actual Twitter post at the Def Jam 35th Celebration. 


Above is a photo I took posted weeks to Def Jam's Instagram later as a "meme" post (caption). 


Above is another Twitter post showcasing photos I captured while covering a concert for the label. 

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