Create a working/personal relationship with an artist on the Def  Jam roster

The following images show my progression over a couple weeks with Dave East as he prepared to drop his debut album. I first met him one of my first weeks in the office, but he wasn’t up to shoot. Weeks later I was assigned to capture a dinner to promote his debut album. After capturing the event, we took some shots outside of the venue. I showed them to him right away and he really liked my work. We then proceeded to have a conversation about clothing and sneakers. At the end of the conversation he invited me to shoot at his album release celebration the coming weekend at a night club. He then connected me with his publicist and personal management. I captured the celebration that weekend, where he even posed for me a few times. Through the label, I captured a album celebration at the office where a surprise RIAA Certified Gold Plaque was presented to him. There I was able to connect with him again on both a professional and personal level, further building our relationship. With no photographer on hand that day I joined them in Times Square to view the billboard promoting his new album. I captured him interacting with fans and appreciating a giant billboard lit up with his name and face on it. I made sure to provide all images from all events to his publicist and management. He even posted one of my photos. All this serves as evidence proving I was able to create not only a working but the beginning stages of a personal relationship with an artist on the Def Jam roster.


Above are a couple of photos I captured at the dinner where I was able to establish my first connection with Dave. To the right is a screenshot of my photo he posted on Instagram. 


Here are a couple photos I captured at the club Dave personally invited me to photograph him celebrating the release of his debut album "Survival"


Above are a few photos I captured the day of the album release celebration at the office before joining Dave and his team in Times Square. Too see more from this day please view my page titled "Photo Work"

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